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"Dionysus" Cellar

Dionysus or Bacchus, god of viticulture, wine, feasting and merriment, son of Zeus and Semele.

Dionysus was loved and worshipped by the people for introducing them to the wonderful intoxicating taste of wine. It is said that Dionysus revealed wine for the first time to the king of Aetolia, Ineas, when his shepherd Staphylus came across the delicious fruits and brought some back to his king to thank him. Ineas squeezed the succulent fruits and tasted their juice. From then on, the god named the juice "wine" and the fruit "grapes" after his faithful shepherd. Dionysus was constantly wandering around with a thyrsus in one hand and a wine vessel in the other, teaching the art of viticulture and initiating people into the merriment of participating in the endless feast. The cult of Dionysus was the most popular in ancient Greece.


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