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Aqueduct in Spilia

The water road

The largest water bridge built in Crete, in order to solve the water scarcity problem of Megalo Kastro (Heraklion today), is located in the green scenery of Agia Irini in Spilia, just 1 km away from the Palace of Knossos. The aqueduct, built during the Egyptian occupation (1830-1840), carried water from the Fountana spring in Kounavos and from the Miliara spring in Skalani all the way to the centre of Heraklion, through the famous Morosini fountain.

 This construction was prompted when the Egyptians discovered the ancient Roman aqueduct of Knossos, with an underground tunnel of 1,150 metres long, which was cleaned, opened and restored. The arcade is still preserved today; however, its western exit is blocked, whereas the eastern one on the side of Skalani remains in a very good condition. The water bridge at Spilia is ideal for walking, as there is a lush woodland and benches next to the church of Agia Irini.


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